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Key Houses

    The tourist is looking for a specific place for accommodation is the so called key-house.
Contrary to the tourist hostel and the tourist quarter it doesn't have permanent staff so the price is much affordable than what you can find in any Hoster of any other place.
In most cases the owner lives in the neighborhood of the house or in the closest settlement.
At your arrival the owner will give you the keys, also giving you the primary information's and after you time is up you will give back the key's to the owner.


  • The quarters are located et the hillside of the Harghita mountain.25km away from Székelyudvarhely, in Sikaszó's calm environment.
  • The guests have 3 key-houses( 30m2) et their disposal ; every house has 2 rooms, one kitchen and a lavatory (bathroom, shower).
  • Basic accessories bedise the beds are: store with mixed methods of heating , kitchen equipment, common dining-room and lavatory.
  • There are no provisions in the house; you can only find basic materials that don't decompose with time (salt , sugar etc).

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